Atelier de Restitution Nationale des formations en formulation des projets agricoles en liens avec les changements climatiques

The beneficiaries of the training are:

  •  Ministry of Agriculture ( Planning Services Unit, Dept. of Livestock, Dept. of Agriculture)

  •  Ministry of Environment ( National Environment Agency)

  •  Ministry of Trade

  •  Department of Forestry

  •  Department of Fisheries

  •  Department of Water Resources  Civil Society Organizations

  •  Government projects 


From the presentations and discussions of the workshop, the following emerged:

  • Generally, participants of this workshop to form a Technical Working Group for project proposal development; an inter-ministerial coordination approach to climate change issue;

  •   Most of the policies developed are not link to climate change issues. Need to look at our policies and better link them to climate change issue

  •   There are sufficient data presented in the power points during the presentations. Such data( both national and regional ) needs to be constantly available to the team to support them in any concept note or project proposal development

  •   Information sharing and coordination not properly working in the public sector as in the private sector. There is need for proper and effective information sharing and coordination in the public sector to avoid delays in submission of proposals

  • The unnecessary bureaucratic systems in the public sector often delay the preparation of proposals to meet deadlines. Therefore, there is need to look into the bureaucratic process in the public sector to enable timely implementation of activities 


Intégration de l'Agriculture face aux Changements Climatiques dans les Plans Nationaux d'Investissements Agricoles
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